The name of this young musician is already known to many music lovers in Russia as well as abroad. Brilliant domra player, he worthily performs the art of Russian folk instruments execution.
“…Eugeniy Volchkov – true musician – virtuoso, all technical difficulties in playing the domra are nothing for him; not without a reason admiring German critics named him “Paganini on domra”.
His performance is characterized by the deepness, expression, forethought of each composition’s form, bright emotionality and artistic impression. With equal perfection he plays compositions written by musicians of different epochs, genres and styles….”

The Art Director and conductor of The Academic Orchestra
of Russian folk instruments of the State Russian Television and
Radio Company
People’s Artist of the USSR
Laureate of state prize USSR
N.N. Nekrasov

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  Domra - is an ancient Russian string instrument
  Community of performers on folk music instruments